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Experience the Ancient Tradition of Threading for Hair Removal at Bodhi.

Threading is a traditional hair removal treatment that originated in India. Threading is extremely popular in many overseas countries but is relatively unheard of and not commonly practiced in Australia but is rapidly growing in popularity.

Benefits of eyebrow threading include a more defined, sculpted shape and the absence of chemicals and heat on the skin. Threading slows regrowth of hair.

Anti-bacterial thread is skillfully manouvered over the skin, removing hair follicles from the root. This technique is most commonly performed on the face, brows are beautifully sculpted and lips, chins, sideburns and foreheads are left looking attractive and hair free.

If a more natural, safer and chemical free approach to beautifully maintained brows appeals to you, call Bodhi on 02 4947 8608 and book a threading appointment with Brooke or Pradnya today.