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Late Arrivals and No-Show appointments

It is the obligation of the client to arrive to their appointment on time. In the circumstance that a client arrives late to an appointment for any reason, the time slot may be forfeited and the treatment will need to be rebooked.

It is the obligation of the client to notify the salon that they are running late and it is up to discretion of The Bodhi Effect staff as to if they can still accommodate the appointment. If less than 2 hours notice is given that the client will be late, cancellation fees may apply.

In the case of a ‘no-show’ or cancellation within the 6hrs then 50% of your appointment total will be billed to your account for you to pay at your next visit, special deals & discount vouchers may also be forfeited.

If you do need to cancel or reschedule your appointment, please call us on 49478608 and let the girls know so that we can offer the time slot to another client.



Non-refundable deposits are required for Cosmetic Tattoo services, group bookings and bookings over 2 hours in duration. This amount will be agreed upon between The Bodhi Effect and the client at time of booking. This deposit will be deducted from the final price at the completion of the service.

Clients may reschedule their appointment without forfeiting their deposit if 7 days notice is given.

In the case of a cancellation within the 6hrs or a ‘no-show’, deposits will be used to cover the appointment time and therefore will not be refunded. 


Information Declaration

All care is taken with every service. Responsibility cannot be taken due to client’s own negligence.

Clients have the responsibility to provide therapists with a truthful declaration of any allergies, medical conditions and contraindications. Any important information that is with-held from The Bodhi Effect forfeits their responsibility if a client has an adverse reaction due to the client with-holding such information.

Please notify staff if you are pregnant, breast feeding or are having treatment under the care of a physician.


Privacy Policy

All information disclosed to The Bodhi Effect remains private and details will not be released to any third parties unless otherwise authorised by the client.


Code of Conduct

Any client that acts in an inappropriate manner in the salon may be asked to leave the premises and will not be accepted for future appointments. This includes being rude, crude, aggressive or inappropriate towards any staff or other clients. Any client that acts in a reckless manner that could danger themselves, a therapist or another client will be asked to leave the salon.

Clients are in no way allowed to harass staff on their private social media or phone numbers. This will not be tolerated and will be reported to police.


Gift vouchers

Vouchers are valid for 36 months with the exception to promotional or heavily discounted treatments which have a specified expiry due to the promotional terms.

All vouchers and promotional vouchers will be honoured up to 36 months for the dollar amount paid.

No Show and late cancellations will void gift vouchers.

Prices are subject to change without notice. Treatments values are valid for 12 months. After 12 months, vouchers become valid as a dollar value of the purchase price.



Prices are subject to change at no notice.

The Bodhi Effect will provide as much notice as possible in the case of price increases.

Product price increases are out of the control of The Bodhi Effect and must be passed on without notice.


Treatment Satisfaction

If a client is unhappy with the result of a treatment, they must notify the salon within 24 hours.

All problems must be sighted by a member of The Bodhi Effect’s staff and management. If a problem cannot be sighted by a staff member, no solution can be provided.

The Bodhi Effect staff will fix any treatment that a client is unhappy with as soon as possible if notified within 24 hours. After the 24 hours, external conditions make it hard to identify problems with treatments and hence solutions.

All treatments that are not correct and at fault of the therapist or salon’s product will be fixed as soon as possible at no charge to the client if the salon is notified within 24 hours.

If a client has altered the treatment or visited an external therapist who has altered the treatment before returning to the salon to fix the problem, The Bodhi Effect takes no further responsibility for the treatment.

The Bodhi Effect will only correct complaints caused by its own therapists work but will not correct other salon’s work.

If a client has a reaction to a product, The Bodhi Effect needs to be contacted immediately and the client is to follow aftercare protocol given by staff and management. The Bodhi Effect will then work with the product company to find a solution for the client.

If a client has a reaction to a retail product they are to notify The Bodhi Effect immediately and the therapists will give appropriate aftercare advice and contact the product company for further action. The Bodhi Effect, client and product company will work together towards a solution.

It is the responsibility of the client to disclose truthfully all information asked by the therapist in relation to their treatment to achieve a safe and desirable outcome.

If a client is having a serious reaction to a treatment or product, they should seek medical advice as soon as possible.

If a treatment is provided by a therapist in training at a discounted rate, it is expected that the client is aware that they are receiving this discount because the therapist is not yet fully qualified in the area and results may vary. These discounted treatments are non-refundable. The trainee therapist will however, fix any problems with the treatment. If the client wishes for a qualified therapist to redo the treatment, the gap between the discounted price and the full price will need to be paid.


No refunds are given for change of mind.

Change of mind post-service will be altered at the expense of the client.