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Creative, Beautiful Gel Nails for Your Hands or Feet


Builder in a bottle (BIAB) is a healthier option for nail enhancement and is growing in popularity across the world. Whether you are after extra length or simply additional strength for your existing nails, BIAB is the best option. 

If you are happy with the length of your nails but want strength & durability, The Gel Bottle BIAB is applied to the nail to ensure a strong, non-chip finish.

Non-chip gel finishes are not limited to your fingers either! Gel pedicures are a great way to maintain perfect pedicured feet for at least six weeks.

The Gel Bottle is cured under a UV lamp which means it is dry and smudge-proof immediately, you need not worry about bumping it after you leave and ruining the finish. Gel allows nails to keep their shine between infills, always looking immaculate. 

Bodhi has an extensive range of colours to choose from so that your hands and feet will compliment any outfit,  your mood or the latest trends. French gel finishes are very popular and Bodhi nail technicians will refresh your french gel finish every time you have an infill, making sure your french always looks bright, vibrant and natural.

If you are after the length, talk to Bodhi’s nail technicians about our lengthening options like gel extensions which add length with minimal damage to your nail bed.

There are no smelly fumes with gel nail application and minimal filing to the nail bed. No nasty dehydrators are applied to the nails, making this the healthiest and most pleasant nail enhancement option