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PHOTOREJUVENATION NEWCASTLE IPLPigmented lesions: freckling and age spots – uneven colouring are markers of aging skin. IPL stimulates the rapid growth of skin cells – causing the upward movement of pigment particles (melanosomes) along with dead skin cells.

The immediate response to IPL is darkening of the pigmented lesions which may crust  within 1-2 days and peel off within 7 days.

Three to six treatments may be required at thee to four week intervals. Darker and deeper lesions respond more slowly and requiew more treatments. Some lesions may even persist.

Vascular Lesions: small enlarged vessels on the surface of the skin have the best response. Heating and coagulation of the red blood cells within the vessels – which become replaced by fibrous tissue. Repeated treatments are planned after 4 to 8 weeks. Small spider veins can be treated. The signs and symptoms of Rosacea can be improved.

Temporary redness, superficial blistering, hyper and hypopigmentation occurs infrequently.

Wrinkles and Skin Tightening: Ultroviolet breaks down skin collagen and aging fibroblasts produce less collagen. The reduction in structural support results in skin wrinkling. Heating collagen with IPL leads to contraction of the fibres. Heating of the skin encourages formation of more collagen and hyaluronic acid which improves wrinkles, pores and skin texture. Wrinkling around the eyes and mouth respond best but deep wrinkles may remain.

The combination of IPL and Botulin Toxin injections has been shown to give additionally improved results.

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