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Bodhi Skin Beauty Wellbeing offers a range of refreshing peels

Lactic Peels – A milk acid derived facial peel designed for deep exfoliation and hydration of the epidermis. This peel is perfect to give skin a fresher, refined, plumper appearance within the space of a week without any down time. This is the perfect facial treatment for beginners or those leading up to a special occasion.

Peel Accelerator – This deep exfoliating treatment can be manipulated to suit each individuals skin and desired result level. Peel accelerator treatments do not need any down time and causes minimal flaking over the course a week. Perfect for those desiring a fresher, glowing appearance, or clients who are working their way up to deeper peels. Peel Accelerator treatments can be multi-layered, constantly achieving progress when undertaking a course of peel sessions.

Ageless Peel – Advancing from the Peel Accelerator treatment, the Ageless Peel is layered on top, inducing a deeper peel and increased epidermal shedding. Perfect for clients wanting to improve their appearance quickly. Downtime is not needed however the skin will be flaky for approximately 5 days after this treatment.

Purple Peel and Vitapeel Jessner Peels – Say goodbye to pigmentation, open pores, scarring, fine lines and congestion. After a short recommended skin preperation period with glycolic and retinoic homecare, a cosmedical synergy of effective acids are applied to the skin under professional supervision which creates deep epidermal shedding over the next 5-7 days. There is minimal discomfort for the amazing results that are achieved. Clients do not need down time but facial areas will appear dry and flaky so it is recommended to have these peels done a week to two weeks out from any special occasions. For deeper concerns, your Bodhi therapist will discuss a a multi-treatment plan with you. If you want to see great results fast, this is the facial for you!